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Coastal Resources
 Exploring our Oceans

Currents, Waves and Tides

Ocean waves resources
Wave Energy
National Ocean Service
The Birth of a Wave...
Wave Motion -- Encarta¨ Concise Encyclopedia Article
Ocean *0# ~ Ocean Engineering Net Services.
Ocean Planet:Ocean Currents
Ocean Planet
Ocean Surface Waves
How are ocean waves described?
Global Analysis Wave Map
Ocean Surface Waves (math)
Wave Energy
National Ocean Service

 Tides - sometimes this link doesn't work ?

Tides and Energy

What are tides?
Tide -- Encarta¨ Concise Encyclopedia Article
High / Low Tides
Tide Tables, Tides and Tidal Predictions
Tidal Energy
Make a Tide Prediction, State and Region Listing
The Intertidal Beach
Ocean Tides: The Moon Is In Control
Zephyr Services Tide Tables
Tides and tide tables

Wave equations (Physics)
Do volcanoes affect the ocean tides?
opsd.html OPSD homepage
Physical Oceanography for K-12: A Study of Our Oceans
TU-WAVES Main Page
Barotropic Tides in the Global Oceans from A Nonlinear Tidal Model Assimilating Altimetric Tides Part 2: Altimetric and Geophysical Implications
Waves and optics (mathematical description)
Surfing - Bodyboarding -- Ocean City Maryland, Delaware Beaches, Virginia
Understanding waves (lesson plan)

Bringing tides to life (lesson plan)


Wave Energy
National Ocean Service Homepage
South Fremantle Senior High School Mathematics Page
Physical Oceanography for K-12: A Study of Our Oceans
Math Forum Internet Mathematics Library: New Location
Math Forum Internet Mathematics Library: New Location
National Data Buoy Center
What are tides?
Ocean Tides: The Moon Is In Control
NWS Atlantic Wave Forecasting at SurfInfo.Com
Tide Tables
Physics 111: Lecture 28
Do volcanoes affect the ocean tides?
TU-WAVES Main Page
Tide Tables, Tides and Tidal Predictions


Waves General Knowledge

Math Forum Internet Resource Collection
National Data Buoy Center
Live Home Page
What's Happening now
Interactive Marine Observations
Tuckerton Winds from Imet Windsensor:
Make a Tide Prediction, State and Region Listing
Aviation Weather, Weather Site, Inc.
NWS Atlantic Wave Forecasting at SurfInfo.Com
Marine Weather
See Waves Surf Reports
Tides and tide tables
Ocean City Maryland Surfing Report
Live Access to Climate Data



Coastal resources

The New Hampshire Coastal Program
The Coastal Management Web
Information Resources -- NOAA
Introduction:  Index of Watershed Indicators
USGS Index of Marine and Coastal Geology Program Fact Sheets
Gulf of Maine Information System - REDIMS

Nonpoint source

EPA Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Program
Center for Watershed Protection Homepage
Urban Stormwater
Nonpoint Source Kids' Page
NEMO - Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials
UNH Technology Transfer Center -- T2 

Other states

Web pages for all coastal states
MCZM's Homepage
Maine Coastal Program
Citizen Planner Training Collaborative
Beach Cleanup - New Jersey

Computer resources

Welcome to Applied Geographics
USGS Water Resources Applications Software
Science software

NH Resources

New Hampshire Office of State Planning
WEBSTER: The New Hampshire State Government Online Information Center
Foster's Daily Democrat, Dover New Hampshire
New Hampshire Resource Net - Planning, GIS and Related Information
Elsewhere in New Hampshire

Books and references

Welcome to NPR
EnviroInfo: Environmental Information Sources
Glossary of Biological and Wastewater Terms
Ledlie Booksellers
National Archives -- Northeast Region (Waltham, MA)
Toiletology 101: Lesson Plan

Federal agencies

USGS -- Water Resources Information
Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management -- NOAA
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service World Wide Web Site
EPA's Office of Wetlands, Oceans, & Watersheds Homepage
EPA's Surf Your Watershed
U.S. Government Printing Office
National Marine Fisheries Service
Transportation Statistics
USGS National Water-Quality Assessment -NAWQA- Program
CORPS/USACE Regulatory Program Headquarters Home Page
Index of Marine and Coastal Geology Program Fact Sheets


Aquaculture Network Information Center (AquaNIC) Home Page


National Wetlands Research Center Publications Menu
TNC-ESA: Phragmites australis
salt marsh restoration in New Hampshire
ELI Online
Society of Wetland Scientists
The Soil and Water Conservation Society
NRCS Stream Restoration
Army Corps of Engineers -- Wetland Publications

Ecology and Environment

Nature - International weekly journal of science
Living On Earth
The Nature Conservancy
Effects of Watershed Modification chart
Online Resources for Earth Scientists: Hydrology and Hydrogeology
Know Your Environment Article Index
Environmental News Network -- Site Directory


Welcome to Old Farmer's Almanac
The Weather Channel - Home Page
Mount Washington Observatory
Current Weather at Isle of Shoals, NH


NOAA Tide Prediction - USA Coast
Interactive Tide Chart - Location Form
US Naval Observatory -- Moon phases
NH Tide Charts from Shore.Net


Lesson Plans & WebQuests: the process

Teaching Tips Includes Lesson Planning for effective teaching: how to from a Faculty Development Document at the University of Hawaii

WebQuest Matrix: a resource for those who are using the WebQuest model to teach with the web. "A WebQuest is an inquiry-oriented activity in which most or all of the information used by learners is drawn from the Web. WebQuests are designed to use learners' time well, to focus on using information rather than looking for it, and to support learners' thinking at the levels of analysis, synthesis and evaluation."

Building Blocks of a WebQuest: "Putting a WebQuest together is not much different from creating any kind of lesson. It requires getting your learners oriented, giving them an interesting and doable task, giving them the resources they need and guidance to complete the task, telling them how they'll be evaluated, and then summarizing and extending the lesson."

WebQuest Lesson Plan Templates: from the Teachers Academy for Mathematics and Science.


Connections+ A large compendium of valuable lesson plans and related resources.  Collaborative Lesson Archive Use a lesson (organized by grade), or add a lesson.  Lesson Plans from Encarta Original lesson plans submitted by teachers in the U.S. There are some good ones here, but the collection is small right now. Lesson Plans from the Smithsonian Covers Social Studies, Arts, Language Arts and Science.  Columbia Education Center's Mini Lessons This group of lesson plans came from the Columbia Education Center's Summer Workshops. They were done by a consortium of teachers from 14 states dedicated to improving the quality of education in the rural, western, United States, particularly the quality of math and science education.  The Lesson Plans Page Over 100 elementary school lesson plans for all subjects, from students or faculty at the University of Missouri  Teacher Talk Forum: Lesson Plans Lesson plan archive of downloadable lessons.

Lesson Plans in Art

 Art for Sale
From the Instructional Technology Development Consortium this lesson, like others at their website expose students to technologies that help them collaborate with others. Problem Based
 The @rt Room
Ask ERIC Lesson Plans: The Arts
Early Childhood.Com Crafts

Lesson Plans in Math and Science

 Teacher Developed Earth and Space Science Lessons and Classroom Activities
Besides lesson plans, this site includes a Lesson Plan Template.
Program Physics Index
Includes matter, mechanics, fluids, electricity & magnetism, waves, sound and optics and other topics.
CRPC Interdiscliplinary Lesson Plans
The Center for Research on Parallel Computation (CRPC) and the creators of GirlTECH'95 provide lesson plans designed by teachers to take full advantage of Internet resources and teach standard concepts in mathematics and sciences in new and exciting ways.
This is a large collection of science lesson plans for k-12 science teachers for classroom use.
 Outer Orbit: Lesson Plans
Grades 5-12 lesson plans and activities brought to the web by Space News Online. Each month two new classroom activities are added -- one aimed at students in grades 5-8 and one aimed at students in grades 9-12.
 Math Forum: Arithmetic Lesson Plan Sites
 The Math Lesson Plan Page and the Mathematics Lessons Database
Lesson plans and activities in Math and Science... soon to be broadened to other curriculum areas

ESL: English As a Second Language

 Lesson Plans & Resources for ESL, Bilingual and Foreign Language Teachers

 ESL Web Guide: Lesson Plans

 The Internet TESL Journal: (Teachers of English as a Second Language) -- lessons, lesson plans and handouts for the ESL classroom.

 Adult Education ESL Teachers Guide

 NCBE - National Clearinghouse for Bilingual Education

Social Studies Lesson Plans

 Educational Enhancements
Educational Enhancements is operated by Peter K. MacLeod, a high school geography teacher at Philemon Wright High School in Hull, Quebec, Canada. He depends on the help of active classroom teachers to support the creation of classroom materials from government documents.

AskERIC Lesson Plans

 AskAsia Lesson Plans
"Learn to fold an origami swan. Uncover the reason Koreans leave uneaten food on their dinner plates. Read the Chinese "Brocaded Slipper" tale, the first version of Cinderella that dates to 863 C.E. Discover how the Japanese word besu-boru was born from the American word "baseball." Suitable for K-12 Asian studies curricula, the materials and guidance available here can foster an appreciation of Asian culture. AskAsia makes teaching and learning about Asia -- from culture to politics, from history to religion -- as easy as NIKO NIKO (that's Japanese for smiling happily). Developed by The Asia Society in cooperation with several partners, AskAsia offers high-quality, carefully selected resources to steer both the novice and the veteran."
 Adventure Online
This web contains teaching material which will allow educators to bring adventure into the classroom. These adventures can be used as an electronic textbook, media resource, language tutor, map cabinet, and more. All materials are copyright-free but are not intended for commercial purposes.
 National Council for the Social Studies
NCSS regularly publishes lessons plans and teaching ideas in its journals Social Studies and the Young Learner and Social Education. The lesson plans stored here are in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). These files reproduce the lesson plans exactly as they appeared in print with graphics and photos.
 The Learning Web: Changing World, Working with Maps, and Earth Hazards
Lessons and activities from the U.S. Geologic Survey.
 Lesson Plans and Resources for Social Studies Teachers

Lesson Plans Utilizing the Internet or other Technologies

 Mr. G's Applied Technology Sites - from the British Columbia Science Council
 Lesson Plans using Statistics and the Internet
 Sample Internet Lesson Plans and Learning Projects
 WWW.4Teachers: Premier Tracks
 Technology N'formation for Teachers (TNT)
A database of technology-related lesson plans developed by Florida educators.
 Successful Projects with Telecommunications

Locating Lesson Plans


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